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September 28, 2013

Make a Face by Lee Goater

I’ve been working with an artist called Lee Goater on an app as part of his latest awesome exhibition. The exhibition’s called Faces: The Anatomy of Autonomy, and it’s a collection of Lee’s distinctive black-and-white characters. Each little face is a simple but characterful little chap or lady-chap created from a variety of painstakingly drawn features and accoutrements. Make a Face is available now on iOS and Android, for free!

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January 25, 2012

Information is Beautiful challenge #3 – FilmStrips

The third Information is Beautiful challenge is out (and now has an extended deadline, until 6th Feb), and this time it’s all about Hollywood. There’s a huge set of data about films, budgets, types of story and profitability to explore and visualise too – and visualise it I have (you’ll need Flash, and I wouldn’t advise […]