I’ve been getting stuck into TypeScript recently and hit a few bumps along the way, so thought I’d be all nice and internety and share some tips. Firstly and foremostly:

It’s great.

Use TypeScript. If you have to do Javascript, and it’s becoming something of an inevitability these days, do it in TypeScript. TS is object-orientated, strictly typed and you can have classes. These things make me very happy. For an old(ish) coder still pining for the days of Flash, TypeScript is much more like the structured coding of AS3 compared to the flabby, flaccid, unstructured mess that is JS.

You might not like the idea of strict typing the way having to declare what kind of things an array is going to hold irks me, but the discipline is good for you. Like porridge, morning runs, and getting hit with soap in a sock at a posh boarding school. So here are some of the things I had trouble with, in the hope of saving you time and frustration.

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